My Fifth Monday in Saigon

A nice tandoori chicken roll wrapped with fresh, crisp lettuce & tangy yogurt to cure my hunger pangs; a refreshing jus de betteraves, poire, pomme et gingembre to quench my thirst. A piping hot glass of café latte to sustain my caffeine addiction;  a perfectly executed crème caramel with passionfruit syrup to provide that sweet finishing touch.

I continued to sit at the lovely green mozaic tiled table with my clumsy laptop on for a little while, looking at the coming and going of people from different walks of life. And for a moment or two, it seemed to take away the burning pain of the recurring headache. I wondered if the lady in a splendid green maternity dress would give birth to a pretty looking baby girl, or a handsome baby boy; I wondered what the guy with the afro hairdo was thinking about as he gazed into the distance, sipping his 333 ever so slowly…

Sometimes, just sometimes, mondays aren’t all that blue.

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