Apocalypse Now!

Most people whom I’ve met for the first time in this country thought I was Vietnamese – that is if I keep my mouth shut 🙂

Interestingly, as I stepped into Apocalypse Now! last Saturday for a quick drink,  I wasn’t asked to pay for any cover charge that is usually applicable to the locals. I wondered if I had “foreigner” plastered all over my face, or perhaps the usherers’ senses were just so keen that they can sniff me out easily.

I jostled my way through the crazy crowd that was on a superlative high and finally got my gin & tonic (extra lime) fix. I managed to find a corner where I stood silently sipping my drink while observing all the party-goers who were dancing in wild, erratic rhythm as the blaring stereos threatened to render me deaf.

But I liked it. Tremendously. A place where people had no inhibitions temporarily and danced like nobody’s watching.

A few more swigs of my limey drink and a couple of shots offfered by some new found acquiantances later, I went home feeling satiated though there wasn’t any “happy ending” most people would have harboured for 😆

Age is finally creeping up on me.

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