Sandals Restaurant & Bar, HCMC

One of the The most disappointing brunch I’ve had in Saigon. It wasn’t fantastic the last time I had a meal here with a bunch of friends, but at least I wasn’t presented with a burnt parmesan chicken fillet. You might say I should manage my expectations in saigon but I don’t think the following were appropriate for a restaurant:

1. I wasn’t shown the a la carte menu (but the rest of the customers were). It was mid-day and they gave me the breakfast/ set menu?

2. They did not change my cutlery for the mains even when the knife was stained with gorgonzola?

3. The parmesan crusted chicken fillet was burnt. It was my fault that I didn’t return it to the kitchen – I was starving. But it goes to show that either the head chef wasn’t around or there’s no quality control.

4. Wait staff never enquired if the food was OK. It’s a fine hairline between being inobtrusive and being plain ignorant.

5. The glass which held my latte had blue stains over it.

6. No verbal greetings by any of the wait staff the moment I entered the door till I was seated at the table. Yes, they were smiley and all, but at least have the courtesy and initiative to greet your customers properly.

Well, I wouldn’t say I won’t go back there ever again, but I would think twice before setting my feet into their restaurant until some improvements are made.


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