Icon Lounge, Hunter Valley, Australia

Icon Lounge, Hunter Valley

Located in the small winemakers centre, Icon Lounge was the place where I first tasted the legendary 1999 Brokenwood Graveyard Shiraz. Well, that was not all, there’s the 2003 Capercaillie Shiraz, 2004 Mount Pleasant OP&OH Shiraz and the 1998 Meera Park Shiraz that I really enjoyed tasting.

And I was lucky enough to have the priviledge to taste a portion of the prized 1997 ILR Reserve Semillion at Brokenwood, which is just opposite the road. A little praise on the graveyard shiraz goes a long way! 🙂

My only gripe on Hunter Valley is that restaurants there generally don’t encourage BYO and they either close on weekdays or don’t allow take-out. But it was really fun to hop from vineyard to vineyard tasting different stuff, identifying the wines that I like and talking to the cellar door people. You can see how their eyes would light up and the noticeable change in warmth when you show them that you know something about wines and not just some casual visitors who don’t even bother remembering the difference between a cabernet sauvignon and a shiraz.

If you’re heading to Hunter Valley anytime soon, do check out Capercaillie, Piggs Peake, Brokenwood, Tower Estate, De Bortoli (for its dessert wine tasting) and Briar Ridge. And if you’re in the mood for bubblies, swing by Peterson’s. But I would stick to the sparkling shiraz and sparkling chambourcin though 😛

I just wished I had some perfectly charred mesquite BBQ to go with the intoxicatingly smokey, almost mocha-like chambourcin!


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