Clos du Bois Zinfandel, North Coast California 2006

Tonight is probably one of the coldest night I’ve experienced since I moved to Ho Chi Minh City. It’s about 21degC out there right now and there’s strong gusts of wind blowing just outside my balcony that makes me wanna reach for my blanket while typing this. I would image the effective temperature would be a few degrees lower that that. If only this would last for a few months in South East Asia, that would make an ideal room temperature to serve red wines 🙂

Well, it’s been raining the whole day too. Kinda miserably if you ask me as it was difficult to get to work, and I wasn’t keen to carry any umbrella or raincoat with me. So right after the gym session tonight, I just ordered a simple vietnamese caramelised fish with rice from the restaurant downstairs and had it with a bottle of zinfandel that I bought over the weekend.

Appearance:  Attractive deep garnet with a red-ruby rim.

Nose: Pronounced vanila and oak greeted me at the first whiff which eventually developed into black plummy aromas with hints of spices and liquorice. Earthy tones were detected after more than an hour.

Palate/ Flavour: Ripe raspberries and red plums evident when the wine was still a little cold. These turned into layers of sour plum with medium (+) acidity with tannins to match, and ends with a slightly peppery and mocha-like finish.

Comments: The caramelised fish would have been a wrong match if it weren’t for the strong, peppery and sweetish gravy that accompanied the meal. Finished the rest of the bottle on its own and interestingly, some chinese medicinal herbs were detected in the palate after 2-3 hours. This wine is approachable right now but might benefit from a few more years of cellaring time for the tannins to soften somewhat (and perhaps develop some meaty, savoury flavours?). Otherwise, I think it would go well with some nicely grilled chorizo sausages and caramelised root vegetables.


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