Freixenet Cava Carta Nevada Semi-Seco, NV

It would have been perfect if SluttyLinh actually drinks coz it would have been an excellent pairing with the nicely done mushroom omelette at Windows Cafe this morning. Anyway, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and it didn’t hurt to have some sparkles.

Appearance: Nice bubbles (though it didn’t last very long), with a yellowish hue and pale rim.

Nose: Intense mineral tones hit the nose on first sniff, but that turned into a pleasant flowery notes with hints of green mango/ apples. Slight brettanomyces aroma detected but disappeared in the glass after awhile – not sure if it was intentional.

Palate/ Flavour: Off-dry with a touch of honeyed character and ripe white nectarines. Medium (-) acidity and body. Slightly creamy mousse and finished with a medium (-) length.

Comments: Wonderful sunday afternoon drink with a sweltering heat of 34degC outside. Good value for money too. Simple, easy to drink,  and pleasing to most people I would think.


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