1998 Cuvée Louis Isidore, Louis Lequin, Santenay, Cote d’Or, France

Appearance: Brilliant ruby or brick-red with a tinge of brownish hues and rim.

Nose: Savoury aromas were very pronounced – meat, game, dried scallops. Whiffs of redberries present but not overpowering after the wine opened up a little. Dried red dates and mandarin peel present after decanting in the glass.

Palate/ Flavour: Medium acidity and body. Dried tea leaves and elements of oak/ wood were quite significant. Not a fruit forward wine at this point. Possessed savoury but ripe tannins – slightly astringent but not bitter. Had a pleasant aftertaste which reminded me of the lingering sweetness in the mouth after chewing on dried liquorice.

Comments: Drinking well now though it should last a few more years before taking a dip. Paired this with rashmi kebab, vegetable korma and plain naan.

Hans Lang Spatburgunder 2006, Rheingau, Germany

Appearance: Bright raspberry red with a pale ruby rim. Slight brownish hues can be seen.

Nose: Plenty of candy aromas on first sniff. Ripe strawberries with hints of leather and faint cigarbox scent after some swirling. Slight spiciness/ white pepper was detected.

Palate/ Flavour: Medium acidity.  Strong crushed raspberries and redcurrants on the palate.  Its aftertaste reminded me of the 山渣片 (hawthorn fruit snack) I used to eat when I was a child. Medium (+) finish and balanced levels of tannins to drink this on its own.

Comments: Wine was supposedly aged in wood barrels but i couldn’t really detect it. A well made pinot that’s easy to drink without costing a bomb.  Very approachable now.

A New World Semillon + An Old World Chablis

Rockford Semillon 2003:

Appearance: Pronounced golden hues.

Nose: Strong intensity of lemon, spices, oak and vanilla.

Palate/ Flavour: Medium acidity. Taste of lemon and mineral with a slight touch of dried sugarcane and ends with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Hints of smokiness detected. Alcohol level is only 11.5% abv.

Comments: I thought this was quite drinkable for a nicely aged semillon though my dinner companion thought otherwise. Not much life left in it and should be consumed as soon as possible – fading fast. Paired this with a pork goulash with couscous.

William Fevre Chablis Premier Cru Vaillons 2006, Chablis, France:

Appearance: Bright yellow, lightly golden core with a pale rim.

Nose: Muted at first but opened up after awhile with medium aromas of lemon, ripe apples and minerals.

Palate/ Flavour: Medium (+) acidity with a creamy texture on the tongue. Lemony and flinty (soft) with strong notes of ripe citrus fruits and minerals. A subtle touch of oak and honey detected on the palate as well but not persistent in the finish.

Comments: I should have had more patience with this bottle – still far too young for it to shine.