Marques de Caceres Grand Reserva 2001, Rioja

Appearance: Beautiful garnet core with a cherry-red rim.

Nose: Perfumed nose with strong aromas of ripe dark cherries, cinnamon, cloves and spices. Pronounced scents of oak and vanilla.

Palate/ Flavour: Taste of dark fruit, mocha and chocolate on the palate with a long finish. Strong oak and buttery aftertaste. Nice, supple tannins but should improve with some cellaring time.

Comments: Made of 85% tempranillo and 15% of graciano & garnacha tinta. There’s room for improvement with some aging as the tannins and fruit level are still pretty high. Nibbled some Munster Les Chaume and crackers with this spanish rioja – the combination was wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Marques de Caceres Grand Reserva 2001, Rioja

  1. Yummy!! Where did you buy this…Alan bought a bottle of this from Crystal some time ago….but they can be pricey..

  2. Hey Doug! Got this in Vietnam. In fact, Jin and I bought 2 more bottles over the weekend as there were only a few bottles left in the store. 2001 was the last Grand Reserva vintage available from Marques de Caceres in the market right now. It is about SGD50/ bottle here in Saigon 🙂

  3. $50! Wow that is really reasonable!! I think Alan paid more than that. Will you be back for CNY? Or are you headed back to KL? If you are here lets do dinner again!

  4. Hahaha…yeah. It used to be cheaper before they devalued the dong! Damnit. They raised all their prices by 10-20%. I would only be in KL this coming CNY, but should be back in SG in March. Will let you guys know again!

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