Ridge Monte Bello 1999, California, USA

Ridge Monte Bello California 1999Appearance: Very dark red in the core with brick-red rim.

Nose: Strong dark fruit (berries), jammy and perfumy with some savoury aromas of dried, cured meat. Hints of green olives can be found too after the wine was allowed to breathe for awhile.

Palate/ Flavour: Tasted a lot of wood on the palate balanced by the fruit forward profile high on dark cherries and blackcurrant. High alcohol content with good acidity and a medium (+) finish. Tannins are very well integrated too.

Comments: Very pleasant a wine, and beautifully crafted but I don’t think it’s about time to drink it yet. The lushness that is still has would give it sufficient time to develop in a few more years. The cork was brittle when the server opened this bottle, so be prepared with a sieve and a decanter 🙂 Went wonderfully well with a charcuterie platter at Cafe Claude.


4 thoughts on “Ridge Monte Bello 1999, California, USA

  1. Ooh Yummy!! Wish I could taste that! Did you buy this from a resto or did you BYO?

  2. Hey Doug!

    BYO. It was still a little austere in some ways, could use a few more years in the cellar 😉 Honestly, I would buy a nicely aged bordeaux with the same price tag!

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