Equipo Navazos Wine Dinner at Taberna Singapore

Equipo Navazos Sherries

Had a good time catching up with some friends at Taberna last evening over some fine sherries by Equipo Navazos (organized by Alain et Anna; hosted by Ying Hsien), excellent tapas and main courses prepared by Absinthe (the braised beef was really scrumptious). There were a few burgundies involved too but I am not going to post their pictures here. Suffice to say that the 2001 Bienvenues- Batard-Montrachet by Remoissenet was memorable and very tasty even though I thought it might have been afflicted with the infamous premature oxidation. The Fino and Manzanilla went down really really well with the spanish caviar blinis. And the various tapas and monk fish liver mousse prepared by chef Francoise were quite tasty too. My favourite sherry for the whole tasting would have to be the Palo Cortado and Amontillado. Both sherries had an amazing nose that’s almost as sweet as the PX, layered by brine and mineral tones but completely dry on the palate.

Equipo Navazos Pedro XimenezSurprisingly, I finished the whole chocolate tart with the PX served – it was really sweet but nicely balanced with sufficient acidity and layered with notes of toffee, caramel, sea salt and fig jam. This is a wine I would open with friends on a cold winter night in front of a fireplace with some good dark chocolates. Yums.


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