Homemade Pastrami Sandwich and Lindauer’s Blanc de Blancs N.V.

Pastrami Baby Spinach Sandwich
Made myself some beef pastrami and baby spinach sandwich after a short gym session. My yogurt was missing again from the fridge this morning but the major “suspect” moved out when I was preparing lunch just now. Well, I’m not sure if he got kicked out by the accommodation office or he was just too mad that all of us on the same floor pointed our fingers towards him. Whatever it is, should there be any more recurrence in the future, we know we might have nabbed the wrong guy. But 4 thefts in 5 days? Come on.

Anyway, I uncorked the Blanc de Blancs from Lindauer (Brancott Estate, known as Montana previously) that I got form the supermarket to go with the sandwich and I must say it was pretty good: Ripe pear, bruised apples and lemon-honey characters on the nose with a slight toasty aroma. The same flavours can be found on the palate though it was more like ripe Granny Smith instead of bruised Pink Lady, but definitely clean and refreshing. Great acidity here with a medium finish. It’s a pity that the bubbles didn’t persist in the glass or it would have been perfect for a $14.99 bottle of wine!

Lindauer Special Reserve Blanc de Blancs NV


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