1999 Domaine Baumard Clos St. Yves, Savennieres, Loire Valley, France

10 years younger, and so much brighter in its fruit profile (compared to this)! The delicate floral and honey characteristics of Chenin Blanc displayed beautifully on this one with a tinge of developing secondary aromas. Without any oak influence whatsoever, the wine put on a lot more weight in terms of flavours after a few hours of aeration. Still has a life ahead of it, and a keeper pour moi.

Felton Road Block 1 Riesling 2010, Bannockburn, New Zealand

Lifted aromas of fresh, ripe apricots, ripe granny smith with a light touch of honey which were immediately pleasing and likeable. Good balance on acidity and sugar here even though it’s a 2010 vintage. The finish, however, was a tad short. But it still made a perfectly wonderful drink on a late Friday night (with a friend who brought me the bottle).

Edited: Found out that there was 65g/l of sugar in the wine. Didn’t think there was so much residual sugar (as anything less than 2g/l is perceived to be “dry” on our olfactory system). But it goes to show that they got the TA/RS levels right!