Domaine Anne Gros Bourgogne 2008, Burgundy, France

Deep ruby red hues revealed notes of cloves, pronounced butterscotch, and warm popcorn with butter aroma which seemed to overwhelm the primary fruit profile at this juncture*. Tart red fruits and wood characters on the palate with a nice (but not overly strong) tannic grip and good acidity. Med to med- finish. A little rough on the edges for me. Not sure if time will bring all the elements together but we shall see.

*Tried the last glass after just 12 hours and guess what? All the Pinot Noir varietal characters came rushing to the fore and those malo-effects seemed to have taken a backseat. Yums!


2 thoughts on “Domaine Anne Gros Bourgogne 2008, Burgundy, France

  1. MT, interesting wine! I am beginner in burgundy, it is my type of wine but always too expensive for me. May i know what are the burgundy that you like and find the price reasonable?

    Btw, last night i tried a cru beaujolais Louis Jadot Chateau des Jacques 2009, still young but i expect it to develop well. It would be challenging to identify it among other burgundys in blind tasting.

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