Brane-Cantenac 1975 and Jade Palace Singapore

Leflaive's Puligny Montrachet Claivoillon and Jade PalaceStarted the evening with a bottle of Leflaive’s 2003 Puligny-Montrachet Clavoillon which was brimming with mineral tones and sherry-like notes. It took quite awhile for my dinner companions and I to finish the bottle with the beautifully braised peanuts, the tasty frog legs (with deep fried ginger slices) and the roasted quails before we managed to move on to the reds.
Brane Cantenac 1975The Brane-Cantenanc 1975 which I have double decanted earlier was reticent at first but showed quite well after some aeration with an opaque garnet core, light brown hues and an orange-brownish rim. Lifted aromas of dried mandarin peel, and a little honeyed character on the nose when it was first uncorked. More floral tones developed later on with some aeration at the dinner table. Lots of sediment here. Delicate. Tart red fruits with a dose of cinnamon on the palate. Cloves and sour plum flavours emerged too with layers of secondary characteristics. And it went down quite well with the pan fried tofu with crabmeat and crab roe. Do note that the cork crumbled as I tried my best to pry it out of the bottle but fortunately, what it meant to protect was still fresh and lively. The wine still had a tannic grip but smooth and ripe. Med+ finish. Why can’t they make young Bordeaux taste like this? I’d hate to wait 20-30 years for wines to mature and show their peak performance!

3 thoughts on “Brane-Cantenac 1975 and Jade Palace Singapore

  1. Bro, where did you buy this old wine? Do you think it will survive the 5 hours travelling if i ask my spore fren to get one for me?

  2. Got it from a shop in Singapore. And no, the wine cannot travel. I don’t think the cork can survive the change in cabin air pressure on and off the plane in its current condition. Just come to Singapore and drink 🙂 Hahahaha

  3. Hi MT,
    Haha, u r right, safest is to drink in Spore : )
    Can you do me a favor? My Spore fren is coming around August, i am asking him to buy me few bottles. Which wine shop do u think has the best price in town? And what are the wines that u would recommend to get from there?


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