Penang Road Cafe, Novena Ville

Penang Lor Bak

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Carina mentioned this place to me before but I never managed to check it out until this evening. The Lor Bak was beautifully deep fried – the pork filling was still quite juicy and packed with flavours. I quite liked the Penang Rojak though it could use more bunga kantan and a touch of lime juice. My dinner companion and I chose not to have any desserts but ordered an extra plate of Char Kway Teow! The fried pork lard made all the difference but we decided to do without the cockles (locals call them “haem”) on our second order and it was markedly less fragrant, and less flavoursome too. The Assam Laksa packed a punch with a strong underlying “hae kor” (prawn paste) element in the sourish broth. Unfortunately, they used a thinner version of the rice noodles and there weren’t enough vegetables, mint leaves and shreds of bunga kantan (but nobody does that anymore these days anyway). One of the very few places on the island which offers authentic Penang food. But be prepared for the small portions and somewhat steep prices. They are, after all, glorified hawker food.


6 thoughts on “Penang Road Cafe, Novena Ville

  1. Wanted to read some tasting notes but in the end has to rush for early lunch, again!

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