For the Love of Fungi

Arugula with Prosciutto Wrapped AsparagusAfter the somewhat heavy drinking and eating session at AAK’s, I really wasn’t too enthusiastic about having a big meal in the evening. But since the adorable 小旋 is cooking, how could I possibly say no right, especially with tartufo from down under? 😛

The baby rocket salad was really yummy with parma ham wrapped asparagus drizzled with a sweetish aged balsamico and extra virgin olive oil.  I should have insisted for a really fine, thin shave of the parma ham from the old lady who was manning the charcuterie counter alone but there was a line of grouchy ang mohs behind me waiting to get their cold cuts for dinner too. Oh well, next time I should just pop my head in at Pietrasanta and get some from Loris.

Pommard 1er Cru Les Charmots 1998 Dominique LaurentBlack Edible FungiShaving the Truffles!Porcini Risotto with Australian Black Truffles

小旋’s Risotto al Porcini was very well cooked, creamy, nutty and absolutely moreish. The generous black truffle shavings were of course the icing on the cake, but I don’t mind eating the risotto plain with just a sprinkle of chopped parsley too. Dominique Laurent’s Pommard Les Charmots 1998 was a much better pairing than the 1986 Pontet-Canet with its prominent earthy tones of sous-bois, fresh mushrooms and red berries flavour. This was a pleasant surprise as the bottle was found frozen in AAK’s freezer and we were talking about having a Pommard granita. Haha!

Chateau Pontet-Canet 1986Chateau Pontet-Canet 1995

The main course was a scrumptious roast leg of lamb (unfortunately no pics taken!) that paired well with the two Pontet-Canet. The 1986 was drinking very well with a somewhat brownish-garnet core, bricking rim and clear meniscus. Its secondary aromas bouquet and flavours were developed but still retained sufficient acidity and fruit structure that made it lively and fresh albeit the somewhat tannic grip in the end.  The typical pencil shavings, lead and graphite aromas that one may find in a well-made Pauillac were all there in the glass. The 1995 was still in its youth with its somewhat inky garnet colour; cassis and cedar aromas; syrupy (almost medicinal) and green bell-pepper flavours. Definitely needs some time to come around. We didn’t open the 2004 Pontet-Canet as planned, and I think it’s only fair that we give the bottle some time to mellow down and allow the evolution to take place.

Big plump strawberries for dessertVosne Romanee Les Barreaux 1995 Domaine Annes Gros

We ended the meal with some juicy plump strawberries, lychees, cherries and an assortment of cheeses (leftover from the afternoon session). One of the longest and slowest meals I’ve ever had with this bunch of friends thus far. I took a few sips of the 95 Vosne-Romanee Les Barreaux from Anne Gros that we brought back from AAK’s and all that foul cow’s manure and barnyard aromas associated with strong Brett taint were gone, revealing a strong presence of red berries and dried tea leaves. Not bad really, but I won’t be rushing out to get them anytime soon. Many thanks again to 小旋 who prepared the wonderful meal and RL who played host!


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