I love Dim Sum


Click on the pic to view the whole set on Flickr!

Saved the dim sum lunch till the end, and for good reasons too. I can’t really say that Imperial Treasure at Takashimaya offers the best dim sum, but for me, it has consistently been good, and didn’t really disappoint save for a couple of occasions where the service was a little sketchy. The Corton Charlemagne 2005 by Louis Lequin was good, but not great: bright yellow core; lightly floral, nutty, fresh lemon zest and a little oaky on the nose; bright acidity, plenty of lemon, med length. It managed to stay alive even with an onslaught of century eggs, pickled ginger and the highly acidic vinegared pork trotters. I guess the only gripe I had was the red bean crystal dumpling – the skin was just a little too thick to my liking. I wonder if it’s still made by the same chef who used to dole out wonderfully thin, burst in your mouth version of the dessert?


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