Two Old Flames

Ch. Canon-la-Gaffeliere 1983E. Guigal Cote Rotie Cotes Brune et Blonde 1988

A 1983 Ch. Canon-la-Gaffeliere and a 1988 E. Guigal Cote Rotie Cotes Brune et Blonde with a good friend. The only food on the table – a takeaway pizza. Didn’t take down any tasting notes but here’s my impression on the wines: the aged bordeaux had a brick-crimson rim and a somewhat dark orange-red core; lifted aromas of spicy salami, green chillies and cloves. Fruit profile can be found on the palate, pleasing and enjoyable but no surprises. Tannins are ripe but still pretty much intact. I didn’t like the Cote Rotie at all, and was pretty disappointed – quite disjointed and out of balance in its present state and I’m not even sure if it would improve drastically in the near future. Probably not a good representation of what aged Syrah is capable of.


One thought on “Two Old Flames

  1. Except for Champagne, i rarely have chance to try wine from the 80s or before. Anyway surprises are hard to find nowadays đŸ™‚

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