Grocery Shopping near Dusk

Outside New World at Lincoln抬头仰着天,冷风轻轻吹,感恩充我心。


4 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping near Dusk

  1. Wow is it the poet from Li Bai? : )
    Having bad sore throat after a long tasting yesterday started from 3pm until 9pm.
    Tried a bottle of Louis Latour Chateau Corton Grancey 2003. Not bad, very earthy, quite complex but a bit sweet which i dun really mind.
    How are you?

  2. Hahaha. No Li Bai la. Some random musing more like it. You just need more alcohol to curb that bad sore throat 🙂 I have not tried Latour’s Corton Grancey before – not that I had too much of an experience with Corton anyway. The only memorable one I’ve had was a 98 Corton Grand Cru by Drouhin. Settling back into my mundane life at school but will pull through it – just a few more months!

  3. Haha wine lovers always give the same advice! My sore throat is getting better after i took local chinese herbs call正柴胡, i find this medicine very effective and reliable, after so many years i didnt notice any side effect at all 😉

    So i guess you are not really into Corton, may be too many good reds from Cote de Nuits for you to explore.

  4. Never tried 正柴胡 before but it may have appeared in some tonic soups my mum made in the past. Well, I haven’t tried that many Corton yet but I’m definitely into Corton-Charlemagne 😉

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