Cheap n Cheerful Cremant de Bourgogne

Louis Bouillot NV Brut Grande Reserve Perle de Vigne, Cremant de BourgogneSimonnet-Febvre NV Brut, Cremant de Bourgogne

Louis Bouillot NV Brut Grande Reserve: Pale straw colour with fine bubbles. A faint whiff of Brett, lemony with a slight toasted brioche aromas. Heavy citrus fruit, slightly creamy with good acidity and a medium finish. Pretty good as an aperitif for parties I reckon!

Simonnet-Febvre NV Brut: A much stronger shade of yellow compared to Bouillot’s rendition, bigger bubbles formation in the glass but also disappeared pretty quickly. Very ripe pears, slightly yeasty and buttery but unfortunately carried an initial disturbing whiff of Brett that was quite persistent. Single dimensional on the palate – primarily pears and ripe red apple flavours . Med acidity with a somewhat short, metallic finish.

Can’t say I like any of these but perhaps what AK said is true – Brett seems to have an affinity towards moi. Bloody hell.


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