Two Old Vintage Bottles from Lincoln

1980 Gamay, Lincoln College, NZ1982 Pinot Noir Lincoln College, NZ
Both bottles may be are past their prime but it was good to see how they have evolved over the years. The 1982 Pinot Noir had a light orange-red core with a clear meniscus. Superbly funky, plenty of earthy, mushroomy tones and surprisingly, a honeyed character on the nose? Very delicate floral and orange notes were still detectable on the palate with barely enough acidity and tannin structure to keep the wine together. The 1980 Gamay was clear, and took on a caramel tawny colour. Lots of prunes, toffee, coffee and port-like notes (read: acetaldehyde). Nutty and earthy on the palate – very little or no fruit left. These bottles are almost as old as I – but thank God I’m still in one piece!

4 thoughts on “Two Old Vintage Bottles from Lincoln

  1. But for better preservation, in another 20 years time you may need to change your “cork” 🙂

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