craving for noodles

marutama ramenit’s raining outside and I don’t really feel like eating any of the jail slop they feed Lincoln students with. I wish someone in Christchurch would create this instead. Sigh. A wine country without the accessibility of good, affordable food. Can’t be nitpicking here if sweet n sour pork rice is $17 a packet? I could buy 3 huge portions in metropolitan Singapore, probably along Orchard Road to boot.


the forsaken tendrilstendrils originated from primordium or anlage, which could also branch into inflorescence (flower clusters that turn into grapes later) or shoots on a grapevine cane. They tend to have limited branching or cell differentiation but love swirling and hooking unto other objects for support before turning woody and hardy, leaving a somewhat prominent display of the season’s past on the foliage wires (once the vines are pruned), before the eventual new growth in spring overwhelms them.