take-out + riesling = dinner

roast chickenkailan with lotsa lardvon schubert riesling spatlese 2002braised chicken rice

Just a simple no fuss dinner with some chinese roast meat takeaway and a bottle of German Riesling (I drank it all!). I think I’m addicted to the roast chicken from this particular stall at Toa Payoh Central, but their soy-based braised chicken was less than inspiring, sadly. Next time I’ll just stick to their roast chicken and fatty roast pork. I literally had to stop myself from consuming too many of those deep fried lard pieces (in those kailan)! Anyway, the 2002 Spatlese Riesling by Von Schubert had a bright canary-yellow core; lifted aromas of yellow flowers, honey, fresh cantaloupe and spiced pears; ripe limes, lime peel, sweet n sour green mangoes on the palate with medium to medium-plus acidity. Finish was not as long as I hoped it would be but quite a refreshing drink with all the food. I won’t recommend drinking this as a dessert wine at all – probably best served just slightly chilled as an aperitif or with some light food. A slight whiff of TDN was detected but that was pretty subtle and forgivable. I could easily drink lots of this given its 7.5%v/v!!!

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