can there (ever) be too much alcohol

Armand Rousseau Chambertin 1997Leroy Vosne-Romanee Les Genaivrieres 1999
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These are two of my favourite wines during a gathering yesterday afternoon. Admittedly, they are both famous, much sought-after producers in burgundy with a somewhat hefty price tag (on their bottles) to match. I was too lazy to jot down any notes but suffice to say they were both lovely and singing beautifully without any airing at all. The chenin blanc by Olga Raffault was pretty good given its vintage; Frederic Esmonin’s 1993 Griottes-Chambertin surprised a lot of us, and definitely left an impression. There were quite a number of Equipo Navazos sherry on the table too but didn’t manage to snap any pics to show here. My favourite, without a doubt, is still their Palo Cortado, which is currently La Bota #34. The Manzanilla Pasada, if I may add, is bloody excellent!