trusty beef kway teow in penang

Penang beef kway teowPenang beef kway teow (dry)
I am not sure if this is the *best* beef kway teow in Georgetown, Penang but it sure did it for me as a hearty, no-fuss breakfast item along with some local kopi (coffee) with condensed milk. Every item in the bowl is cooked perfectly, the broth is light and clean, and none of the flavours in the bowl is too dominant. This is what “balance” is all about when it comes to a bowl of soupy beef kway teow with all the lovely spare parts (offal). I chanced upon this without any guide books when I visited the island a few years ago and the stall is still run by the same family and taste just as good. It’s located right opposite the bomba station along Lebuh Pantai in a small coffeeshop called Nam Ah. Apparently the deep fried oyster omelet and deep fried oyster cakes (another stall in the same kopitiam) are pretty good too but I guess they only open later in the day – my loss since I had to leave the island today. If you are looking for a more robust, powerful beefy kinda broth in your beef kway teow with a distinctive coriander aroma, the stall at New Lane rocks, and they have some good tendon in the mix too! Also, if you happen to be there, order the BBQ stingray on banana leaf and the curry chee cheong fun. Didn’t get to try the 猪杂粥 but it sure looked damn good to me 🙂


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