the (better) malaysian yong tau foo

Hoong Hoong Yong Tau FooDeep fried Sui Kow and Fish Rolls
I have never been a great fan of Singapore’s Yong Tau Foo (YTF) as I feel they are just way too commercialized and the quality is nowhere near as good as the Malaysian version. Even the dipping sauces at 鸿鸿 were far more superior and that can really make it or break it for the freshly deep fried items. Unlike the Singapore YTF which are placed in a tasteless clear soup, the version in KL has very little broth. That doesn’t mean that the YTF are limp and dry, quite the opposite actually. In fact, I find them more flavourful (perhaps I am biased since I grew up on these stuff). The problems with this place (and the other two competitor restaurants) – bad traffic jam, very few parking lots and the scorching heat. I guess that’s what the iced 凉茶 is for.

de Montille’s 2002 Le Cailleret

Domaine de Montille Puligny-Montrache Le Cailleret 2002This was excellent at the tasting. It checked all the boxes for a fine Le Cailleret which had seen some bottle aging. The wine is at its peak I believe and will probably plateau for a little while before some of its magic is lost. I gave up my allocation (just one bottle) to F&C since I was taking the (leftover) magnum of Leflaive home, and the fact that they really love their whites. This is a wine that I don’t mind sipping very slowly over a meal with good friends so that its nuances will get the chance to emerge from its slumber after being trapped in a glass bottle for so many years.