Rheinkilometer 501

KM501 RieslingA basic entry level German Riesling on screw cap that I got at a local supermarket here. Opened it two days ago and it was quite green, phenolic and almost harsh on the palate. But all that changed with the introduction of oxygen in a span of 48 hours – the wine turned out to be a lot smoother, a bit more integrated with distinctive green apple flavours, bright acidity and a touch of sweetness amidst its somewhat warm finish. I wondered if it has anything to do with the transition of leaf day to fruit day (today)?! Not quite the elegant and floral Mosel Riesling that I’m used to, but for RM33 a pop, I’d buy this again instead of some big jammy fruit bombs at much higher prices. Chill this really well if you wanna give it a go. And definitely grab something to eat with it.

2 thoughts on “Rheinkilometer 501

  1. Hi, enjoyed reading your reviews. May I please ask you from which supermarket did you get the 501Rhein Riesling from? Thank you

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