simple dinner para mim

rockets, figs and tomatoesFigs are everywhere in Porto now and they are inexpensive too. Made a simple cherry tomatoes, figs and baby rocket salad for dinner since I haven’t eaten a single strand of vegetable after I got here? Gotto say the 10yo tawny port (that I got) paired really well with the juicy sweet figs, balanced by the peppery notes of the arugula! I’m so gonna eat all the figs I can while they last. Hehe.

sardinhas assadas para almoço

vinho brancogrilled sardines for lunchpolished everythinguma bica
Those sardines were really delicious. I polished off four pieces of them with all the heavily salted boiled potatoes and fresh onions, made easier with a cheap and cheerful bottle of properly chilled vinho branco. In fact, the fish was so good that I mopped up the remaining juices (and oil of course) with the bread. For just eleven euros and fifty cents in the middle of town, this was awesome.