porto tasting

Port tasting can be a challenge for me personally, and this is especially the case when there’s no spittoon available at the cellars or tasting doors rooms. The portuguese are quite generous with their wine pouring (since the customers have to pay for it anyway) and after just one flight of porto tasting at Kopke, I was ready to have some lunch and be done with it. I wasn’t sure I could be as objective as I should be after three full glasses on a somewhat empty stomach!

Burmester Extra-Dry White Port
Ripe, slightly bruised apples, fresh cider, nutty; similar profile on the palate with a slight camembert taste; off-dry; medium acid; medium finish.

Barros LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) 2005 Port
Dark impenetrable red; dried figs, coffee, caramelised sugar; molasses, cedar; sweet; mouth watering acidity; long finish.

Barros Colheita 1996 Tawny Port
Bright tawny, light amber-brown rim, clear meniscus; light caramel, dried sultanas, dried mandarin peel; candied ginger, raisins, creme caramel; sweet, mouth-watering acidity; medium-plus to long finish.


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