menos salgado, por favor!

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I know table salt isn’t expensive but the food is just way too salty here. The mixed grilled fish platter was great but I had to order a portion of salad greens and heirloom tomatoes (doused in vinaigrette) to provide some contrast and flavour. The salsa on the side was a nice complement to the fish but I feel that it needs a touch of acid to brighten things up. The spanish guy seated on the table next to me (he ordered the same thing) asked if I would like another piece of fish but I declined it politely – I could hardly stomach any more food with the beer, coffee and pasteis de nata. Clearly, he couldn’t eat any more than I could either! Haha.


2 thoughts on “menos salgado, por favor!

  1. You probably felt as stuffed as we did last night ! I think it’s kinda cute of the Spanish guy to offer you the fish – he obviously thinks you could do with it !
    Btw did you get the Lamy Chassagne-M du Champ Blanc or the Puligny-M les Tremblots ?

  2. Hahaha. I was eating a lot faster than he, and had less trouble deboning the fish. Only got the chateniere but the les tremblots is also quite delicious!!!

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