queijo amanteigado e ovelha

queijo amanteigadoalvarinho vinho verde, filipaJust not my cup of tea I guess. The keju is like a cross between cream cheese and a rock hard mozzarella (the ones which you can grate with all your might and sprinkle on top of american pizzas?). There were hints of burnt rubber and a little smokiness in its aftertaste which I found disturbing. Again, it’s pretty salty. I guess if you eat it with some bread it’ll be alright but on its own, I don’t think I could stomach huge quantity of it. Well, it’s also possible that the one that I got from the supermercado isn’t a good example for this “buttery” sheep cheese. I need to visit a local cheeseshop so that I can sample a variety of them without buying at least half a round of any Portuguese queijo! The vinho verde shown above wasn’t bad and I could hardly tell it was 13% v/v in alcohol. Fresh, a lot of ripe green mangoes, papayas and pineapples, slightly spritzy, short to medium finish – generally not a complicated wine.  And for just EUR4, how can I possibly complain?


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