Autumn Flavours at GOTO Singapore

startersbraised aubergineassorted sashimisteamed millettempura with misobuckwheat soba with mushroomsIf you haven’t been to GOTO on Club Street Ang Siang Hill before, you clearly do not know what you’re missing. One of the best Kaiseki restaurants in Singapore who still does food with a lot of love and passion. And I seriously hope that they will continue to thrive and survive in this environment. Food, service, and ambiance were excellent, and they have been consistently good every time I’ve been there for a meal. That miso paste was heavenly with the deep fried fresh figs. And I really really like their sashimi!

Hirotake Ooka Saint Peray 2008

Hirotake Ooka St. Peray 2008went down really well with the excellent tempura at Tenshin. The pickled vegetables and the japanese curry salt (for you to sprinkle on the deep fried goodies) were particularly good with the pairing. I love the wine, and I guess that also earns me the title of a non-mainstream kinda guy. This Marsanne is an acquired taste and one also needs to know how to handle and serve the wine properly. But I have faith that his wines have great potential in the Asian market once discovered by connoisseurs who are still true to themselves, and not mere big-label drinkers.