i miss europe already

UntitledI met some crazy people here when I popped into a bar for a late night drink. Those were unusually boisterous french tourists with local girls (read: PROs?) and they insisted that I take a picture with them before they left the bar. The lady behind the counter was very friendly once I started ordering my drinks and snacks in my broken Portuguese. I found out later that she was raised near the borders of Vinho Verde and I guess I must have reminded her of home. One of the servers topped up my glass (with more poorly made spanish tempranillo) when his boss was not looking and gave me a wink. I guess that grumpy looking boss of his must have given all of them a hard time at work that evening. Another one poured me a glass of moscatel from one of the old casks too. I suppose it helped that I didn’t look like another chinese tourist? Well, not like they would walk into a bar like this and order a huge serving of deep fried anchovies for a snack after midnight anyway.


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