squid thai-style: grilled and served on the kerb

pick a squidgrilled squidCheap and cheerful redefined by the roadside. Simple, no-frills and lip smackingly good.

thai papaya salad, ส้มตำ

ingredients for som tamsom tam in the makingor known locally as som tam, is traditionally made using a simple pestle and mortar (shown above) where generous piles of julienned, crisp and crunchy green papaya are pounded together with fresh sour lime pieces, bird’s eye chilli, fish sauce, some stinky shrimp paste, large dried shrimps, thai tomatoes and long beans, rounded off with a little palm sugar and garnished with a large handful of toasted crunchy peanuts. There are many variations to this delicious salad of course and you can even add some brined crabs to it for an extra kick. Getting the sweet, sour, and savoury flavours and the right combination of texture in perfect equilibrium is, for me, an art.