Boutari Naoussa 2006, Greece

Boutari Naoussa 2006, GreeceBright garnet-red, bricking rim, thin meniscus; stewed red berries, cured meat, bacon, herbs, cloves on the nose; strong, grippy and grainy tannins, dried cherries, dark chocolate, spices and oak on the palate; medium to medium-plus acidity and finish. This was a surprising find in a small town in NZ, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it was made. It is not mind-blowingly good but for $23 a pop, I won’t mind sipping this Xinamavro than some poorly made Chianti Riserva that I had yesterday.

porterhouse steak salad and cosmo red

Raw porterhousePan seared porterhousePorterhouse Steak SaladMillton Estate Cosmo Red 2010pak’n save had some really good deal today – 4 porterhouse steaks + 6 fresh eggs + 1 onion + 1 bag of fries for NZD13. So that’s how I turned a raw piece of porterhouse steak into a salad for dinner tonight, accompanied by the remaining Cosmo Red by Millton on the side: clear, dark cherry red core with a thin meniscus; perfumed, spice, oak, liquorice, macerated ripe dark berries on the nose; juicy black doris, tart red berries, cinnamon, cloves, oak, dark chocolate on the palate; medium to medium-plus acid; medium-plus finish; smooth, satin-like tannin. slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste introduced an extra dimension of complexity to the wine. For just NZD17, this was really really tasty!

An Old Netting Machine

Abandoned Net Pulling MachineI wonder how difficult it was to put the nets on in the vineyards before hydraulics and machinery came along? One thing for sure, even with the introduction of automation, there’s still a lot of manual labour involved as far as pulling the nets are concerned, especially if the nets are tight and the number of rows that need covering is big. My sore fingers and hands are a reflection of how crude this method really is after 2 weeks of the same mind-numbing task. Someone needs to find a better way in addressing those bloody annoying grape-pecking birds sooner rather than later! Did I hear the re-introduction of DDT? LOL!