sunrise in d'ardecheis the sunrise at a small village called Saint-Marcel-d’Ardèche in the Southern Rhône.

the old vines in Douro

UntitledUntitledare absolutely a pleasure to visit and I’m amazed at how resilient and fruitful they still are. It’s exciting to see that the new generation of winemakers and viticulturists are still trying to preserve their national heritage and not ripping these indigenous vines out unnecessarily. The top pic is probably a Rabigato (white variety) and the bottom pic should be a Touriga Nacional (red variety).

the more memorable bottles

Charme 2010Bioma 2010they were really well-made and both were crafted in a vintage that I personally prefer, but they carry a somewhat prohibitive price-tag at the moment and I find it hard to justify my buying them. And for the record – Luis, the winemaker, wasn’t as cold and distant as what others claimed him to be. In fact, I found him charming.