the more memorable bottles

Charme 2010Bioma 2010they were really well-made and both were crafted in a vintage that I personally prefer, but they carry a somewhat prohibitive price-tag at the moment and I find it hard to justify my buying them. And for the record – Luis, the winemaker, wasn’t as cold and distant as what others claimed him to be. In fact, I found him charming.

the arrival of white GURU 2012

guru white 2012guru 2012I still can’t quite get over the fact that I actually helped processed some of the Guru 2012 in Douro. Those are some of the Viosinho, Rabigato, Codega and Gouveio (about 2T) that went through the small press yesterday. It was definitely muito interessante to see how different they run things here compared to the more recent NZ vintage that I did. I guess once harvest hits its peak, there should be even more intriguing things to watch. Sad to say that internet connection here is sketchy but better this than nothing at all right? I actually like how quiet it can become at night, much quieter than NZ.