i really like this painting

UntitledPainted by Henrique Pousão (1859-1884). Oil on wood. Titled: Esperando o sucesso. Dated and signed by the painter in 1882. Too young & good looking to die.

windows, light and reflections

the shimmering gold

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sometimes i think viticulture has a lot in common with photography – it’s all about capturing the essence of light, allowing it to be the composer and creator.

basking in the late afternoon sun

Bright and Pink

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Here’s a follow-up to the preview. Snapped all the pics on a whim before dinner. Admittedly, my camera never left its bag since I returned to Lincoln at the start of the semester and with just 3 weeks left, I thought I had better take some snapshots before it’s too late. And no, they were not edited in anyway save for the black frame 🙂

a scary piece

A Scarry PieceDidn’t get the chance to ask the artist what the painting was all about (this is not the whole piece as I only had my 50mm lens with me). It was kinda scary though. I wondered what was on her mind then.