Bernard Dugat-Py Bourgogne Cuvee Halinard 2009, Burgundy

Bernard Dugat-Py Bourgogne Cuvee Halinard 2009A very beautifully made Pinot Noir, even if it’s just a Bourgogne. Personally, I wouldn’t say this is value for money at all but the quality is there, provided the young wine has sufficient time to breathe. Given the fact that I kept topping up my glass (and yearning for more after exhausting the very last drop), it wasn’t all that unapproachable right?

2007 Bernard Dugat-Py Bourgogne, Cote d’Or, Burgundy, France

Amazing, amazing bottle. I liked how the cork closure had a serial number stamped on it – will definitely make troubleshooting corked wines easier (should it materialize). This kinda reminded me of Leroy’s 2000 Bourgogne. I was taken aback by how feminine and perfumed the wine was initially, but you know what? 24 hours later, it turned into a beefy, muscular, and powerful beast, characteristic of the region, or terroir if you like, where it was made. If only every bottle of Bourgogne can be like this….