menos salgado, por favor!

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I know table salt isn’t expensive but the food is just way too salty here. The mixed grilled fish platter was great but I had to order a portion of salad greens and heirloom tomatoes (doused in vinaigrette) to provide some contrast and flavour. The salsa on the side was a nice complement to the fish but I feel that it needs a touch of acid to brighten things up. The spanish guy seated on the table next to me (he ordered the same thing) asked if I would like another piece of fish but I declined it politely – I could hardly stomach any more food with the beer, coffee and pasteis de nata. Clearly, he couldn’t eat any more than I could either! Haha.

farm:table cafe, San Francisco


Perfectly executed hard boiled eggs on baguette with habanero chutney, chives watercrest  & farm cheese and an excellent cup of cappuccino at farm:table to start my second day in San Francisco. It was a little chilly to sit on the sidewalk but it felt so good to read the new york times and sip my warm latte while the world passed me by.