A Bordeaux Evening with Friends

Dinner at Jade Palace 2 Nov 2010A very pleasant dinner at Jade Palace. Started with a NV Rose by Veuve Clicquot – it was quite rounded, with sufficient weight on the fruit profile, clean and satisfying. I thought it will clash with the century eggs but the pickled ginger provided the balance that it needed.

This was followed by a Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Demoiselles 2001 by Michel Colin-Deleger et Fils. A very beautiful golden hue with strong notes of stoned fruits, minerals, stewed lemon, and a somewhat honeyed aroma. Its acidity (and the slightly buttery taste) paired well with the deep fried frog legs & ginger pieces.

The 1995 Ch. d’Armailhac had a bright ruby core with a clear cherry red rim. Sediments were present but its cedary, white peppery and fresh red raspberry aromas were pretty good. It was a little tart and perhaps a little “green” when first opened but the tannins and fruit really came to the fore after about 2 hours in the decanter. I thought there was a slight hint of Brand’s essence of chicken on the palate but I may be wrong. It was a shame that the wine ran out before it had time to really show what it is capable of given another hour or two. Cork was still is a very good condition and the last bottle I have can probably last a couple of more years đŸ™‚

This was followed by a 1994 Gruaud-Larose, which showed a deep garnet with a ruby rim. No signs of bricking on the rim yet though there’s a little sediment found in the glass. Meaty and gamey with layers of red berries on the nose, but its ripe tannins were silky with a medium wood finish. Plummy and sufficient acidity to go with the braised fish head. Drink up if you have any!

I thought the 1996 Clos du Marquis was the last bottle for the night – it was really young in appearance with a strong dark ruby core and ruby red rim. Beautiful aromas of dark berries, cherries and a touch of violet. On the palate, I found plums and blueberries. The fruit profile was still pretty strong, medium (+) finish and excellent acidity that integrated well with the tannins. Influence from the oak seemed to have taken a backseat at the moment. This went down pretty well with the goose liver waxed sausages that the restaurant owner brought back from HK. Yums! A keeper đŸ™‚

Sheer indulgence I call it but we ordered a 1995 Ch. Canon-la-Gaffeliere from the restaurant to complement the last course of claypot rice with waxed meat that we ordered. Strong and powerful. Still quite youthful despite its age. Really quite delish but as you can tell, I didn’t take any notes at this point. Suffice to say that if I had any of this in my cellar, I would lay them down for a few years before trying again!