too full and too tired to write

muralhas vinho verdesapateiraSo, after spending almost an entire afternoon at the beach in Foz do Douro, I made my way to Matosinhos in search of Sapateira-do-pacífico, which I believe is Dungeness crab in English, or perhaps a variety of the species. I settled on a restaurant near to the port, which was recommended by another restaurant I’ve been to recently. The lady-boss was surprised that I nearly finished the whole thing on me own. The crab was chilled, and served ao natural, with no extra condiments or dipping sauces. Honestly, I found it a little bland after awhile and needed the Vinho Verde to wash away that crustacean taste in my mouth. It was good, but I think I need some kind of vinegarish dipping sauce, or maybe even a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The stuffed shell was basically a humongous amount of crab roe, some shredded crab meat, chopped hard-boiled eggs, mayo, creamy mustard and fresh coriander blended into one – it was heavenly when eaten with the restaurant’s warm buttered toast. I am sure I have exceeded my daily quota of bad cholesterol intake but what the heck.