Les Haut de Gramenon 2003 (Cotes du Rhone Villages) and Burger Shack (Singapore)

Les Haut de Gramenon 2003

This was a surprisingly easy-drinking bottle for a cool night out at Burger Shack along Bukit Timah with a few friends. The Moroccan Lamb Burger and the Original Burger paired pretty well with the fruity but slightly tannic red from Cotes du Rhone that we brought along. I thought the onion rings were better than the fries but ah well, that’s a subject for debate, no?

One of my friends succumbed to ordering a second helping of double black pepper beef sans the homemade sesame bun (he called it “the animal style”) – it was OK but nothing hit home. It didn’t help that it was being compared against Carl’s Jr and In-n-Out Burgers as we were digging into the meat patties? Check out some of the reviews here and here.

But their staff was kind enough to let us open our own wine (we brought our own glasses and corkscrew too!) at their premise without charging us any corkage, which I thought was only appropriate since they provide no wine service whatsoever. What I did find disturbing is that they discourage customers from consuming wines in the air-conditioned section of the “shack” (but if you choose to sit outdoors, it’s perfectly fine) as they thought it might offend families with children whom they claimed are their main customers? Honestly, I’ll buy that and respect their decision to do so given its proximity to so many primary and secondary schools around. But I thought it was ironic since they sell beers and display them prominently on the counter top along with all the canned and soft drinks (that kids would go for) ? Go figure.

Anyway, we decided to show them some support and hopped over to their ice-cream parlour, Island Creamery, to stuff ourselves silly with scoops of Burnt Caramel, Apple Pie, Blackforest and Pulut Hitam (black glutinous rice) ice cream before dragging ourselves back home đŸ˜›