Restaurante Elkano, Getaria

Elkanogrill is readyStartersThe tablePalo CortadoUntitledGrilled TurbotConsommeUntitledDidier Dagueneau Pur Sang 2007
an excellent restaurant but I thought they could use some help with the wine list. I love the Colosia Palo Cortado much better than the Tradicion and it was nice of the restaurant to pour us complimentary glasses of the fomer as a night cap. I think they are a serious threat to the Equipos Navazos Palo Cortado if they are ever sold in the same market in Asia. The consomme was good, as was the grilled Turbot and the bread. And I must say if anyone attempts to make a really decent Sauvignon blanc with the structure to age and carries superb acidity, they should take the 2007 Pur Sang as a benchmark before they even think about all the cat’s pee, gooseberry, or 3-MHA that is all too prevalent in the New World. The only problem is – Didier’s wines are never inexpensive. For me, life is way too short for bad wines, and I prefer to spend my calories on things that I wanna drink in my lifetime.

pre-dinner snacks

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledI am no chef but I always find it inspiring to look at what bars and restaurants are doing to attract their crowd. How could I resist not visiting one of the local tapas bars in Getaria before dinner? After a few tapas too many, 2 glasses of cheap house red and a full glass of beer, I was ready to have some dinner. The tortilla de bacalhau was a let down but the croquetas de jamon (not shown here) was good. I am already thinking about re-creating the blood sausage tapas that I saw on my way out.

simple lunch at Txoko, Getaria

olives for starterssalad with asparagus, olives, eggs and tomatoesspanish baked rice with lobster, prawns, and clamsI loved the complimentary olives and the salad. The baked rice wasn’t bad (at least the seafood was not cooked to death), just a tad too salty to my liking. Also tried a bottle of the local txakolina poured the “teh tarik” way at the table – frizzy, easy drinking, simple, straight forward but nothing too exciting.