Gosset Champagne Celebris Rosé 2003

Gosset Celebris Rose 2003Admittedly, this wasn’t a mind-blowing rosé but it was impressive in the sense that at such a young age, the wine showed an understated elegance, with sufficient structure, lively acidity and a medium-plus to long finish to make it an extremely pleasurable late night celebratory drink with close friends. Had some lovely, fresh Korean strawberries and Tasmanian cherries to go with it too, which complemented the myriad red fruit aromas that were found in this pink Champagne beautifully.


Gosset Grand Millesime 1999Dom Perignon 2000Castillo Ygay 1978Vega-Sicilia 1996 Unico

The DP ’00 was, for me at least, in a transition phase towards maturity, and didn’t show as well as the Gosset ’99; Ygay ’78 was really bright, lovely, and mellow, compared to the far more youthful but still very well-made Vega-Sicilia ’96. A night of excellent food, wines and company. We thought we couldn’t stomach anymore food after R’s extremely delicious angel-hair pasta with mentaiko, konbu and crab meat (and that was just the main course!) but we polished off the scrummy homemade apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream lovingly prepared by S in the end. A starvation diet won’t even save me from expanding sideways now 🙂