da Luca, Singapore

Burrata and Bruschetta
Capellini al Granchio e Zucchini
Tagliatelle Agnello and Panna Cotta
I’ve been here several times since they opened late last year but never got the chance (read: lazy) to photograph what they have to offer. Well, I didn’t do a very good job at dinner just now with the dim lighting and was also quite impatient to take a few more shots. The fresh burrata (which just arrived today) was creamy-licious with the pomodori and spinacchi. Frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with the lamb tagliatelle though the crabmeat capellini was quite tasty – the nice tang from the tomato base provided a good contrast to the zucchini and garlic slices in the pasta. Just FYI, da Luca does a mean duck ragout pappardelle and another braised rabbit pasta which I’ve had during my previous visits. Apparently, their risotto is excellent as well.  Also, I’ve mentioned their tasty pizzas before and you should really give it a try if you haven’t already. Panna cotta was soft and smooth with specks of vanilla beans but like what HunkyH said, the star was really the chocolate lava cake (no pictures, unfortunately) and the pistachio ice cream. I couldn’t agree more.