too full and too tired to write

muralhas vinho verdesapateiraSo, after spending almost an entire afternoon at the beach in Foz do Douro, I made my way to Matosinhos in search of Sapateira-do-pacífico, which I believe is Dungeness crab in English, or perhaps a variety of the species. I settled on a restaurant near to the port, which was recommended by another restaurant I’ve been to recently. The lady-boss was surprised that I nearly finished the whole thing on me own. The crab was chilled, and served ao natural, with no extra condiments or dipping sauces. Honestly, I found it a little bland after awhile and needed the Vinho Verde to wash away that crustacean taste in my mouth. It was good, but I think I need some kind of vinegarish dipping sauce, or maybe even a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The stuffed shell was basically a humongous amount of crab roe, some shredded crab meat, chopped hard-boiled eggs, mayo, creamy mustard and fresh coriander blended into one – it was heavenly when eaten with the restaurant’s warm buttered toast. I am sure I have exceeded my daily quota of bad cholesterol intake but what the heck.

lulas em matosinhos

This old man and the box of fresh fishes (the one next to him were all salted sardines) were the main reasons why I stopped at this restaurant for lunch. Unlike other seafood restaurants which dotted the main streets adjacent to the beach area, this quaint little cafe had a down to earth feel and nobody spoke any English until I struggled really hard to understand what the waiter was babbling about. My initial plan was to look for some big ass local shrimps but I guess I can save that for another day now. The squids I ordered were really fresh and the guy who manned the grill clearly knows how to cook them properly. Dressed in just Portuguese olive oil, lemon juice and a sprinkle of parsley, they were really good with some boiled potatoes (unsalted!!!!) and a bottle of vinho branco.