N.V. Francoise Bedel Entre Ciel et Terre, Champagne, France

Francois Bedel Entre Ciel et Terre N.V. Brut Nature, Champagne
A stronger shade of yellow compared to Diebolt Vallois’ Blanc de Blancs. Bright lemon core with finer bubbles. Not a very fruit forward Champagne on the nose and palate. Very Dry. Yeasty, freshly baked brioche, fresh unripe ciku and mandarin peel on the nose. A slight bitterness on the palate reminded me of orange or lemon pith; precise and linear. Lots of tart Granny Smith. Med+ acidity and length. A food wine that I have always loved ever since I was introduced to it by AK. An acquired taste, this one. Almost all Pinot Meunier in the blend, if not a 100%.