Red Door Cafe, San Francisco

Red Door Cafe, San Francisco

By the time I got to the Red Door Cafe on 1608 Bush Street, I was starving. It didn’t help that there were 3 couples before me who were still waiting for their tables. It’s a quirky little cafe run by Ahmed, who’s charming and friendly. Service was swift and personable with a great breakfast selection. Well, it was rated at #1 spot on, so I guess that speaks a lot about the cafe. And in fact, they had just re-opened yesterday after a week’s break and the crowd was already back!

I was told later that the wait can be 2-3 hours long on weekends but like Ahmed, I don’t think I would have the patience to queue on the streets for my weekend brunch. My friends were quite surprised to hear that I waited over 30 minutes to be seated yesterday morning đŸ™‚

Red Door Cafe’s French Toast Josephine, one of their house specialties, is delish. Drizzle the maple syrup served on the side on top of the icing-sugar-powdered toasts, strawberries & caramelized bananas, and you’ll be guaranteed a sweet start for the day. The girls who were seated on the table adjacent to mine couldn’t resist asking me about the french toast after I polished everything down in a jiffy. I smiled and said, “need I say more?” đŸ˜›