Cá Kho Tộ

ca kho tohow i love eating those vietnamese braised fish in caramel sauce every day of my life!  😆


cuc gach quan, saigon

vietnamese spring rollschicken saladsweet and sour chickenroast pork with pickled mustardsour soupsome pretty refined traditional vietnamese fare in saigon at really affordable prices. I love those spring rolls stuffed with crabmeat, the fatty roast pork with pickled mustard greens and the tamarind flavoured sour soup (canh chua) that’s quintessentially southern vietnam.

goi ngo sen

lotus bulb saladone of the things i miss the most in Saigon – vietnamese lotus root salad.


for the love of banh mi

roll em baberisenready for the ovenputting in the final touchesthe process looked so simple but to master the skills to do this consistently without any mistakes day in and day out will require years of my youth, which is fading quickly 😛